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Acne characterized by blemishes, spots and blackheads is a major headache for young adults and teenagers. While the percentage of teenagers and young adults suffering from acne is high, very few know what causes acne. As such, they tend to use the inappropriate approach to treat the skin problem. With this acne guide however, you will learn what causes acne and how it can be treated.

Causes of Acne

When hair follicles on the skin get blocked, the end result is acne breakout. Beneath every follicle, you find sebaceous glands which are responsible for lubricating the skin and hair through production of sebum. Overproduction of sebum poses a problem as it gets mixed with dead cells clogging pores. The oil producing glands are sensitive to hormonal changes and it is for this reason that acne is associated with teenagers going through testosterone changes.

Acne can also be hereditary and it is not a preserve of teenagers since adults can also suffer from acne breakout.

In other instances, acne can be as a result of medication use like steroids.

It is essential to note that acne is not a sign of dirty skin or poor diet as most people presume. If you identify the major cause of your acne problem as indicated in this acne guide, you will be better suited to find the best cure. In a nutshell, acne guide highlights hormones and genes as the major culprits that cause acne.

Treatment of Acne (Mild to Severe)

Acne can either be mild or severe. Treatment of either needs to be done with proper care, planning and thought in order to ensure it does not become worse. Acne guide advises you to follow through with the following.

Determine a Suitable Treatment Plan

Acne severity is determined by the kind of lesions you have and the scope. Talking to your doctor or dermatologist can make it easy for you to decide on the best treatment plan. Since acne is caused by a clogging of skin pores, the medications you choose should unclog pores and kill bacteria that causes acne breakout. There are different types of treatments in the market and you should pick one that addresses the severity of your acne breakout. In addition to this, when you choose a treatment plan, make sure you follow through with it in order to see results. If you also want to know on how proactiv can cure your acne, click here.

Explore Options

There are some pills for birth control which help with treatment of acne and you should talk to your doctor about the same. Other options include, use of lasers and light sources. With this acne guide, it is easy to determine the actual cause of your acne breakout and find remedies for the same.