Handling Your Final Wishes With Care

When we die there will be a lot of unfinished business.  This can be creditors, bills and other unfinished business.  To help with these situations the courts have setup what is known as probate.  When we die the law states that everything that we own falls into probate.  This is a protection against theft, as well as people swooping in and taking away everything that you have worked so hard for in your life.

The process of probate law services austin is that a probate attorney will review everything that you have, contact your creditors, notify next of kin and more.  Through this process it will be determined who is entitled to what and who will need to be paid off before any of your assets can be divided.

Wills and Trusts

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When we are alive it is important that we create wills and trusts.  These will state the items that you own, their value and to whom they will be transferred to at the time of your death.  Without a will or having your items in a trust the process will be very complicated as not knowing your wishes can leave anyone open to state a claim.

Video Wills

If possible create a video will.  A video will is the same if not better than a written will.  In a video you are seen stating your requests and wishes upon your death.  This video will can be filed with your attorney to be reviewed upon your death.

Communicate with family

When you reach a certain age it should be a priority to collect your family together and discuss your final wishes.  For many people this is not a pleasant thing to talk about but it is important.  When you collect everyone together everything can be discussed and made clear.  This on top of doing a will, will help ensure the probate process goes smoothly.